Chris Hargreaves, CMVP | Director | Total Utilities



Over the last 18 months, Tom has expertly guided Total Utilities through a comprehensive and wide-ranging rebranding journey. Through the process, we have gained valuable insights from an objective perspective which has resulted in fresh energy and buy-in from our staff and most importantly our customers. 


Tom is an ideas man, who can clearly articulate ideas and solve problems from different angles which delivers strong designs that are unique. He is ably supported by Katie, a wordsmith who gets straight to the heart of what needs to be said, delivering eloquent simplicity.


Tom Newton Brand Media understands that in an ever increasingly competitive business marketplace, our brand and a trusted reputation is paramount. Working with Tom and Katie, we know that our brand is in very safe hands.


This is a story based upon trust and respect.  We connected with Spice Design through a networking group and they quickly understood the need for them to go on the re-branding journey with us.  We help them clarify their mission, promise and target market. What really stood out for them was the speed and accuracy of the brand message and how we "got" Spice design tone of voice.  

Michael Forrester - Director, SPICE RESIDENTAL DESIGN 


 "Faced with the task of rebranding my business to better reflect what I did, I asked Tom to help me with it. Tom walked me through the Brand Analysis process and carefully explained each step. I was able to understand the importance of my values and how the exercise would help me develop a new logo that gives the best first impression and express my personality. 


Karyn Neil - Director, Couch & Cover Ltd



In May 2015, Life TV approached me to enquire if I could update the LIFE TV logo.  Give it a more professional and fresh look.

We took each other on a great journey and through many cheese toasties, this was the final design.

It was important that all media was cohesive which it wasn't in the past, so a brand bible was commissioned to convey a single message.




Brand Story by Melissa - Owner of Deserve Beauty


"When starting my boutique beauty salon, branding was at the top of my to do list, but also at the top of my “I have no idea where to start list”. After enlisting the help of Tom Newton Brand Media, ideas and a concept started to flow. I didn’t make the task easy, as I didn’t know what I wanted, just that I would know when I saw it. Very quickly Tom guided me and helped get all my ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Before I knew it I was spoilt for choice with examples of logos, colour, themes for my Facebook page and business cards. What started out as a daunting task was made easy by Tom, and 2 years later I’m still really happy with my branding". 

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