The Affordable Brand Thinker, Advocate & Facilitator

Tom - brand expert, popcorn thinker, & the nice guy.

If you're seeking an experienced and passionate creative designer, to continue and develop your business needs, I believe that my experience would be invaluable to you.  I have the skills and the intuitive heart to listen to clients, understand their needs and translate that towards a creative and visual outcome. 
My background includes a wide range of job experiences spanning the last nineteen years of my working life.


I love to create, love music and being active.  His ideas often scare the office, therefore I have limited my coffee intake after lunch. I have learnt how to harness and channel these to produce some amazing results. You can often find me in a cafe, talking to people and having his caffeine fix.  



  • 19 years of creative thinking, design & print knowledge 

  • People skills including leadership, Intuitive & empathic listening 

  • Creativity, brand identity & workshops

  • Brand Manager / Office DJ / Coffee Snob

My brand values

Inspire a world of possibilities


Love life, have fun and be the best you can be 


Explore liberty, listening, and community

Katie - Creative Content, stationery stalker, & marshmallow muncher .

Katie has a degree in writing and loves expressing herself through different styles, whether it be academic writing, poetry, or copywriting. She is passionate about communicating what is at the heart of your business, and will articulate with accuracy and flair your story and values. Katie is also a first time Mum, has a passion for performing arts, goes to a Mum’s boxing group, and can’t get enough of mochas with extra marshmallows. 


She is an avid watcher of Masterchef and Doctor Who. You will also find her hanging out in stationery shops (she is always a bit too keen to buy office supplies), as she is a little bit obsessed with pretty notebooks and pens.



  • Over seven years working in writing roles - including technical writing, newsletters and copywriting.

  • Over ten years in customer-centred roles in different environments - from corporate to small office to freelance.

  • Over fifteen years’ experience in performing arts both front and backstage. Katie thrives in a creative and collaborative environment. 

My brand values

Have compassion and empathy for others;

Always look for opportunities to learn and grow;

Contribute to my community;

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